Welcome To GK Documents - A new concept in document delivery

A Concept based on PREDICTABILITY.


"When can I expect the document?" 
"How much will the document cost?"
It all comes down to: When and How Much?

These questions are always on the minds of patrons of document delivery services. 

And answers to these questions raise more questions:

"How quickly do I need the document?"
"What delivery method do I prefer?"
"How much will the copyright fee add to my cost?"
"Will there be added costs if my supplier obtains my document from an obscure source?"



Provide documents for one single price, inclusive of all fees.

Provide documents within hours*.

Cost: $32.00  Per Document
Delivery: Most article orders are fulfilled within a few hours or sooner*


GK Documents

The ANSWER for document delivery predictibility.


*A small percentage of articles may take a full business day to acquire.